Automated Calling
List Acquisition & Call Management
We offer a truly state-of-the-art system. What sets our platform apart from other companies, is our comprehensive call delivery and management system. Just look at some of the features we offer:
  • Turn your campaign ON or OFF in real-time
  • Change your scheduled broadcast hours for automatic starting and stopping
  • Change the "Caller-ID" displayed on the outgoing calls
  • Increase or decrease the number of calls attempted per minute (dialing speed)
  • Change the maximum number of simultaneous calls allowed to your office
  • Change your "Transfer Calls To" phone number(s)
  • Playback recordings of your transferred calls for quality control and training
  • Add numbers to, and manage your company specific Do-Not-Call list
  • Connect to the "Call Notification System" for screen popup information
  • Run real-time reports showing a detailed analysis of your calling results
  • Download your call records showing the details of each and every call placed
  • Upload your own list to call, or select from a national telephone number database
  • Upload a recording to use, record a new message, or change delivery options